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Pembroke Fire Protection District is a rural fire protection district located in Pembroke Township, the largest township in Kankakee County, Illinois and one of the poorest townships in the country.

About Pembroke

Pembroke Township is located 60 miles southeast of Chicago on the Illinois-Indiana border. The department is made up of 18 firefighters, a Chief, a Public Relations Officer and a three-member Board of Directors. All positions are volunteer. They are a hard working dedicated team of men and women that put their lives on the line everyday to protect other peoples lives and property! The average age of the vehicles on our fleet is 20 years old.

We provide 56-square miles of coverage in the Pembroke Fire Protection District, which includes the Village of Hopkins Park that we protect daily. This area includes 2784 residents, occupied houses/apartments: 2,782 (1,878 owner occupied, 904 renter occupied) 3 schools (The Ida L Busch Elementary School, George Washington Carver Pre-School and the Lorenzo R. Smith Grade School), and 3 senior homes (Wild Wind Estates, Hickory Hills and the Pembroke Senior Citizens Center).